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Finding hotels in Phnom Penh can be a daunting experience. Phnom Penh's exotic location on the Mekong, beautiful colonial architecture, ancient temples and palaces, and strong cultural identity make it one of the most enchanting capitals of the region, and offers a wealth of Phnom Penh hotels to choose from. Once called the Paris of the East, it has bounced back after the horrors it lived through under the Khmer Rouge. Arts, culture and architecture are in a phase of renaissance, and much of the damage is being carefully repaired piece by piece. Visitors today have the privilege of experiencing its many different facets - from its French colonial roots, to its killing fields and prisons of the '70s, to more modern cafes, galleries and Phnom Penh hotels which have opened recently.

Phnom Penh is one of Asia's hidden gems!

Setting foot in Phnom Penh is an experience like no other. Bustling, dusty, busy streets teeming with tuk-tuks and people juxtaposed with the relaxed elegance of French colonial buildings and tranquil riverfront cafes and parks - and ironically not much of what one may call traditionally 'touristy'. And yet, there's so much to see and do in Phnom Penh. Replete with history, both pleasant and dark, Khmer culture is unlike anything you may have experienced before. In Phnom Penh you will find genocide related sites as well as stunning palaces on your itinerary.

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Beautiful pagodas, temples like the legendary Wat Phnom and the intricately decorated Wat Botum, the Royal Palace and the bustling Central Market are just a few of the sights that will have you spellbound. Other sights like the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum or notoreous killing fields of Choeung Ek will make you pause and reflect, and add a measure of poignancy to your visit. Be sure to take a Phnom Penh tour to explore these sites and make the most of your Phnom Penh holiday.

There is a wide range of accommodation in Phnom Penh and our site features an interactive Phnom Penh map and pictures of each of our Phnom Penh hotels and serviced apartments in Phnom Penh, so you'll never need to wonder what kind of hotel and room you are booking, or where it is. Moreover, being a locally owned and operated Phnom Penh hotel booking service, we can provide knowledgeable, on-the-ground, real-time information about hotels in Phnom Penh that no outside booking agent can offer. Most importantly, by booking a Phnom Penh hotel or serviced apartment through our website, you contribute directly to the development of the tourism industry in Phnom Penh as well as the Cambodian economy in general.

You can make your Phnom Penh holiday whatever you wish - a quick city break taking in all the sights, a longer stay where you help the local community rebuild itself or even a vacation that is a combination of culture, history, gastronomy and volunteer work. Phnom Penh doesn't bend over backwards to preen for you. It shows you its grittier side as well as its gentler aspects with equal enthusiasm, forcing you to become a part of its buzzing life. And that's one reason why you will find that the city lingers on in your memory long after you have returned home.

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