Transportation in Phnom Penh

TransportationinPhnomPenh,CambodiaPhnom Penh is well located in South East Asia and is just a short flight, bus ride or ferry trip away from other countries in the region. Arriving here can be quite an experience as the crowds and the hustle and bustle assault the senses. The good news is that for people flying in, the airport terminal is modern and familiar. For the rest, your bus or ferry journey will be a suitable initiation into travelling around Cambodia. Journeys are often scenic and can be a highlight of travelling around Cambodia.

Hop into a tuk-tuk for a fun way to explore the city or hail a motorcycle taxi (called a moto in local slang)!

Our Phnom Penh transportation guide below lists information about travel to, from and around Phnom Penh; as well as various transport providers servicing Phnom Penh. We also have general information about travel to and from Cambodia, and some great Phnom Penh tours to make the most of your Phnom Penh holiday.

Phnom Penh Transportation Guide

Getting to Phnom Penh By Air

Most South Asian airlines fly into Phnom Penh at the Phnom Penh International Airport which is about 7 km away from the city. Flights are operated by full service carriers and budget carriers, connecting it to major Asian capitals such as Bangkok, Beijing, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore. There are numerous connections to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Vientiane) and China (Shanghai, Guangzhou) as well as to locations around Cambodia.

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The airport terminal in Phnom Penh has been modernised and the new building boasts state of the art facilities including a bank, ATMs, a post office, tourist help centre, a business centre as well as duty free shopping.

Special Offers for Hotels in Phnom PenhTaxis into downtown Phnom Penh are available from the public taxi rank outside the airport arrivals hall. The fare is currently around 9 USD, but do check for the latest published rates. Remember, to take a taxi you must first make a full payment of the fare in advance at the taxi hire counter before you exit the terminal. Upon payment you will be informed of the name of your driver and the taxi allotted to you.

Tuk-tuks will cost a little less then a taxi and are a fun experience but will only save you a few dollars or pounds. If you're travelling light then an economical option is to hop on a motorcycle taxi where the fares are as low as 2 USD.

Getting to Phnom Penh By Road

Phnom Penh's bustling bus station can seem quite noisy, crowded and overwhelming to some but offers good connections to other places in Cambodia and beyond. Buses arrive at this station located on the south-western side of the Central Market.

Getting to Phnom Penh By Sea

Phnom Penh is connected to Vietnam by ferry services that take about 5 hours to do the journeys to Siem Reap or Chau Doc. Tickets average 25 USD and are not as comfortable as buses but the view more than makes up for this. If you're in it for the scenery then be sure to check if your ferry allows passengers to ride on the roof. Carry plenty of water and something to eat since ferries often get delayed, and food and drinks are not usually available on board.

Getting Around Phnom Penh

By Motorbike Taxi

Known locally as motodups or motos, these two wheelers will whizz you through the streets of Phnom Penh for as little as 50 cents (US). Fares are higher at night.

By Taxi

Taxis in Phnom Penh do not run on meters, so settle on the fare you are willing to pay before you hop in. It is a good idea to check on the latest average fares for routes you plan to travel. Ask your Phnom Penh hotel staff for guidance.

By Tuk-tuk

These enclosed motorcycle-like vehicles are a less expensive option than taxi and a wonderful way to get around Phnom Penh. It is mostly just the tourists who travel by this mode of transport, and drivers in the touristy parts of town can speak a little English. As a precaution always carry directions and the address of your Phnom Penh hotel in the local language.

By Cyclos

For those who want to slow down and take in the sights of Phnom Penh at a more leisurely pace, an interesting option is the three-wheeled cycle rickshaw called the Cyclos.

By Walking

Walking is pleasant in some places where the French colonial past lives on. Here, wide boulevards just ask to be walked on and cafes invite you to stop a while.

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