Top 5 Phnom Penh Activities

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Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre

This is not an ordinary tour to a zoo, this tour gives you the chance to learn a lot about the animals. The English speaking guide knows all about the habits of the animals- when they sleep, where they hide and of which gibbon you should keep your hair away from!

The tour includes access to the elephants afternoon activity and a close encounter with the tigers. As you only join a group of maximum 6 people, a close exchange is guaranteed. The animals are not stressed by crowds of tourists and you have the chance to ask about everything you would like to learn. Try and ask your guide if he can show you how to kiss an elephant!!

Quad Bike Tour- Rivers and Pagodas

This half day quad tour gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about Cambodia. Jump on the quad and get a break from the busy city life of Phnom Penh. You are accompanied by some professional guides who will explain you the facts about the attractions and try and answer all your questions. The bikes are automatic ATV Quad bikes (Polaris 330 TrailBoss) that are built to travel safely on all terrains.

Mekong Dirt Bike Trail

Jump on your 250cc dirt bike and follow the Mekong river through the heart of Cambodia to catch a glimpse of Cambodian life and culture. This 7 day tour takes you from Kampong Cham, head to Chhlong, Kratie and Stung Treng. The ride winds through rice patties and small traditional villages. From Stung Treng, head east to the rolling hills of Ratanikiri to see waterfalls and volcanic freshwater lakes. Stay in the quaint town of Ban Lung and breathe in the cool mountain air. From there, go on to the unique Mondulkiri province through Lumphat and Koh Nhek , arriving in Sen Monorom. 

Mekong Kayaking Adventure

This tour leads you down from the Lao border to Phnom Penh. You kayak the amazing flooded forests of the Mekong Wetlands as well as the remote dolphins trail. You should not miss the unique experience of observing these endangered animals.

Then you cycle through the Silk Islands and cruise through the Four Rivers and into Phnom Penh. Finish this fantastic trip with having a BBQ while watching the sunset on the 2-deck cruiseboat.

Explore Ratanakiri and the Mekong

This 7 day tour will take you trekking through the jungles of Ratanakiri, swimming at waterfalls as well as in a crater lake. Kayaking and cycling are also part of the adventure but the highlight of your tour is the sight of the freshwater dolphins. At the end of the week you will also visit the Silk Islands and cruise back to Phnom Penh.